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Full Version: Enable Multi-Finger Gestures on Arch
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Hello everyone,

Recently i came across of the customization to use more than 2 fingers gesture on my laptop machine. I will share with you step by step how to use it.

For the start make sure you have all those packages installed (if you are in Xerolinux more likely you have them already in your machine)
Use XeroConfiguration Tool open up the  Xerolinux App Installer and under Utilities - Trackpad Tools you will find all what you need

[Image: gestures.png]

libinput_gestures_qt is optional in case you may want to have a gui of libinput-gestures configuration

Essential on following step might be to add your user to input group :

sudo gpasswd -a $USER input

if you want to make sure your user is in the group:

sudo groups $USER

you will have listed all the groups that your username belong to

Next you may have to apply a configuration in your  ~/.config/libinput-gestures.conf   -  for that you have brief example in which comes with libinput-gestures package in /etc/libinput-gestures.conf, also if you want to dig more on this config file you may go to github source of the package https://github.com/bulletmark/libinput-gestures

I will post though my config file which was inspired by garudaos config:

#Browser actions Back and Forward

gesture swipe left 3 firefox

gesture swipe right 3 tilix

#Present Windows

gesture swipe down 3 qdbus org.kde.kglobalaccel /component/kwin invokeShortcut "Expose"

#Desktop Grid

gesture swipe up 3 qdbus org.kde.kglobalaccel /component/kwin invokeShortcut "ShowDesktopGrid"


gesture swipe down 4 qdbus org.kde.kglobalaccel /component/kwin invokeShortcut "Window Minimize"


gesture swipe up 4 qdbus org.kde.kglobalaccel /component/kwin invokeShortcut "Window Maximize"

#Next virtual desktop

gesture swipe left 4 qdbus org.kde.kglobalaccel /component/kwin invokeShortcut "Switch to Next Desktop"

#Previous virtual desktop

gesture swipe right 4 qdbus org.kde.kglobalaccel /component/kwin invokeShortcut "Switch to Previous Desktop"

So i swipe 3 fingers to the left to open firefox , to the right to open my terminal and the rest you  may figure youself....cool features Smile

Now it is time for a reboot of your machine.

Next you'll be back enter

libinput-gestures-setup autostart start

You will notice right away that all your gestures configuration will get in effect. Feel free to have fun configure your gesture with the gui application.

The end Smile