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Tabby, a neat fully featured Terminal Emulator - DarkXero - 10-13-2022

Hey peeps..

I just ran across a video by @MattTLC from TheLinuxCast about a neat fully featured Terminal Emulator called Tabby.. I kinda like it, and I will be adding it to our package manager as an option. Maybe you like it too and want to give it a go. Saving you the hassle of building it from the AUR..

If you are not on XeroLinux for whatever reason, you can install the binary from the AUR. Keep in mind that it's the binary -bin not build from source version. Saves time and errors. So use below command to install.

yay -S tabby-bin
paru -S tabby-bin

This thing has so many neat features that make life so much easier, just keep in mind that I, myself don't use it, as a result I can't help with it. To know more use the documentation found on the Project Github.

Note :

Quote:This terminal Emulator, as awesome as it can be for some, is more resource hungry. So unless you are willing to put up with this for the convenience it provides, I recommend not using it on a low end system, it just might be too much of a lag fest there..

Yet another tool to add to the arsenal...