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XeroLinux Terminal Aliases - DarkXero - 11-23-2021

Ok, Aliases I have quite a few.

What I love about Linux is the sheer amount of customization we can do. One of them being Terminal. As I discovered, we can create our own list of Aliases to make our lives much easier.

I have my own list that you can check by opening the ~/.bashrc file. But in any case I will list a few with some degree of description. I will not list them all as it will take the element of discoverability away from it ?

Creating Aliases is so much fun. We can use it to shorten commands, automate them, even take us places with just a few letters, without having to memorize them. That said here’s a list of most commonly used ones.

There ya go, those were just a few in a long list of Aliases I added in XeroLinux. Have fun discovering the rest, and adding in your own ?