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Important Announcement !! Please Read !
Hey everyone,

After some deep discussions within my circle of friends and the Linux community, we've reached an important decision regarding XeroLinux:

It's time for a change. XeroLinux will be winding down its current existence as a Distro. If you're using it, please prepare to transition to another one. I'll start removing repos and packages, so it's essential to shift before errors start popping up. Deadline February 29th. But hold on for a moment...

The project isn't fading away. Quite the opposite! I've got an exciting plan brewing that will simplify our lives tremendously. However, it's worth noting that the circumstances in my country make it increasingly challenging to continue maintaining the Distro. But trust me, what's coming up is worth sticking around for.

Here's the deal: instead of confining ourselves to KDE Plasma, I've decided to transform the entire Distro into a comprehensive post-installation tool I call Xero Arch Post-Install Toolkit or XLAPiT for short. It'll encapsulate everything that made XeroLinux fantastic and then some!

This shift will grant us all more freedom. You'll have the choice to install your preferred DE or WM, while the post-install process—covering drivers, customizations, software installations, and more—will be a far smoother experience. I'll be continuously adding more features as I learn and grow. Managing this tool will be easier for me, and it'll open doors to incorporate even more functionality down the line.

Personally, I value functionality over form, so initially, the tool might seem simple. However, underneath that simplicity are scripts that'll make setting up your Arch Install hassle-free.

I'll keep everyone updated on the progress here and Fosstodon. As for support, I'll be primarily available here, moving away from Discord, at least for now. Who knows? I might revive it later on. Never say never, right?

I hope this shift won't deter your support. I'm working for the entire Linux community, striving to give back because, without Linux and all of you, I'd have been stuck on that thing called Windows...

Thank you for reading and sticking around. For more info check that thread.

Catch you on the flip side!
~ XeroLinux Maintainer ~
I do try to help where I can, when I can.
I do this on my own, so I might not have all the answers.
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