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Building XeroLinux from source
Hey there...

I have had many users ask me if I could do a write-up on how to build XeroLinux from Source. Well, better late than never, I guess.. Also since new ISOs will be spread to once every 3 months, it would be a good idea to build from source just before you install to get one with latest packages as everything on ISO is frozen in time. If you get it now and decide to install a few weeks later, with Arch being a Rolling release that might introduce unforeseen issues..

That being said, below is what you will need to set up build environment to start building.

~~~ Disclaimer ~~~

Quote:This guide will only show you how to set up and build ISO from source, as it comes, with my own modifications. It will NOT, however show how you can customize it adding other DEs/WMs. That would make for a much longer post. Might do that at some point later on, no promises though.

### Build XeroLinux on Vanilla Arch ###

Now, without further delay here's what you will need...

Note before building

Quote:If you already are on any version of XeroLinux, you do not need to do all this, just use our tool, which has a script that will do it for you. Just launch it, go to Post-Instal System Config and click on the ISO Builder button, select option *1* XeroLinux KDE Plasma and watch it do its magic. Keep a close eye on it while it builds, because you will be prompted for root password, please type it so it can clean up the build environment. Finally your ISO is ready in ~/Xero-Out/ Have fun ! Otherwise follow the guide below...

### Distrobox Option ###

In case you are on something other than Arch, or don't want to install Arch to build, you always have Distrobox as an option.

Follow the Official Guide to install it on your specific system, then follow steps below to get the XeroBuilder Arch container up & running.

Afterwards, follow steps 1 & 2 to build the ISO...

- Create The Container :
distrobox create -i -n "xerobuilder"

- Enter the Container :
distrobox enter xerobuilder

- Install necessary packages :
sudo pacman -Syyu && sudo pacman -S --noconirm neofetch git archiso base base-devel

That's it. Now follow below steps to build XeroLinux...


Step 1 - Clone Build Repo :

Grab the build environment. Just note that you will need Git installed in order to do that.

- Grab Build Env.
cd ~ && git clone

Step 2 - Building the XeroKDE ISO :

Now that we have build environment on our system, it's time to build it.

- Build ISO :
cd ~/xero_iso/ && ./

Build will take some time depending on your machine's specs, once done you will be prompted for root password, please type it so it can clean up the build environment. Finally your ISO is ready in ~/Xero-Out/ Have fun !


A lot of hard work, and sleepless nights went into the creation of this awesome Ditro/Spin & build script, with the current situation in Lebanon not being so great, I am limited on time & reources, with no other means of income to cover server fees for hosting the sites and repos, I solely rely on your generous contributions. Any amount will go a long way making sure the project continues to thrive. So if you can, please show the project some love, on Ko-Fi, FundRazr or by becoming a Github Sponsor.

May You Live Long & Prosper...

Build Issue :

Sometimes a "proc" folder stays mounted, in case you interrupt build process or it hangs...

To fix issue, wait a couple of minutes, then unmount it with this command :
sudo umount /home/{username}/ followed by tab key...

Replace {username} with yours of course...

Press "Tab" key on keyboard to auto-complete, followed by "Enter" key.. If you get "Busy" message wait a bit longer then repeat until it works Wink

I hope this helps.. In case of other issues kindly find me on either Telegram or Discord not here...

Happy building
~ XeroLinux Toolkit Maintainer ~
I do try to help where I can, when I can.
I do this on my own, so I might not have all the answers.
[Image: K7U76Mv.png]

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