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Wallpaper Engine on Linux
Hey all..

I have always wanted to use cool animated wallpapers on Linux. Found many free ways, but nothing rivaled the awesome features of Wallpaper Engine found on steam for the low price of $5.. Only problem was that it only ran on Windows, nothing else. But someone awesome took it upon him/herself to port it over to Linux.

Below is a video on how to get it running on KDE Plasma via that plugin... Just note that, as it's mentioned in the video, not all animated wallpapers will work, test it and see. Oh and any Audio Spectrum ones that are supposed to react to music will absolutely not work as it has no way to hook to players. Besides that it should work.

If you are running XeroLinux, I have built the package from AUR and added to the repos. This is exclusive to this distro, as te repos not available on other Distros. Or if you feel comfortable enough, you can install via whatever AUR helper you are using, be it Paru or Yay...

Install from Xero Repo :
sudo pacman -S wallpaper-engine-plasma

#### Follow Below Guide only if you are on another Distro ####

Otherwise, I will try to post a short version of the guide found on Github to install directly from source. Just follow it and you should be good to go. Just note that I couldn't launch Wallpaper Engine on my system, maybe it don't run on Linux, I do not know. I have Windows 11 in dual boot, so if I want to get new Wallpapers in I boot into that subscribe to new ones than come back to Linux, refresh the list and boom, they there. Now, I know it's not practical that way, if you can get the app to work on your system, great, otherwise, it's a small price to pay for awesomeness Wink

- Step 1 : Install Dependencies
sudo pacman -S extra-cmake-modules plasma-framework gst-libav \
base-devel mpv python-websockets qt5-declarative qt5-websockets qt5-webchannel vulkan-headers

- Step 2 : Download Source
git clone
cd wallpaper-engine-kde-plugin
git submodule update --init

- Step 3 : Configure
mkdir build && cd build

- Step 4 : Build & Install
make && make install_pkg
sudo make install

Now, in case you didn't like it, or for whatever reason you want to remove it, follow steps below.

1- remove files that list in following folder

2- Run the following command in terminal
plasmapkg2 -r ~/.local/share/plasma/wallpapers/com.github.casout.wallpaperEngineKde

For more info : Official Github Page
~ XeroLinux Toolkit Maintainer ~
I do try to help where I can, when I can.
I do this on my own, so I might not have all the answers.
[Image: K7U76Mv.png]

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