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Easy Optimus Manager Guide
Hey all..

A lot of you out there want to use Linux on a Hybrid Laptop, with Intel/nVidia dual GPU setup. That could be a challenge if you don't know your way around Linux... That's why, with the help of a long-time friend of mine. digidude512, who owns such a config, which, I, myself don't, I wrote this guide to get you up and running...

## Important Note ##

Quote:Since I do not own such a config, support will be limited. I will try my best to answer, but I would recommend that you reach out to the knowledge fond on the ArchWiki for more detailed information...

Now on with the guide...

First, note that, this guide will not be going over how to use the "Hybrid Mode" as it's really iffy as I was told by many.. I cannot confirm nor deny that as I own no laptops...

Below are the steps to get things going :

1- Add Optimus to autostart in KDE settings
2- Install bbswitch (Very Important !)

3- Open menu like in image

[Image: p4YcA4s.jpg]

4- Select "Switching Method" to BBSwitch & Set "Startup mode" to nVidia

[Image: HgNEDvE.jpg]

5- Save attached file then in Optimus >Configuration files > Import and set to Permanent in dropdown

[Image: BkZIQ59.jpg]

That about covers it, you can now be sure that nVidia dGPU is set as the default GPU, and when you want/need to save on power just switch to iGPU in the Optimus tray icon...

Hope that helps Wink

Attached Files
.conf   optimus-manager.conf (Size: 77 bytes / Downloads: 20)
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