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Plasma 5.25 & Current Situation Update

Good Morning all...

On June 14th Plasma got its long awaited major upgrade that offered us many cool features, among which was the awesome "Floating Panel".. But as with every major upgrade of core components, comes pitfalls that might render usability a bit broken..

[Image: mTrdeJ5.jpeg]

By broken, we don't mean the system or Plasma... We just mean that some of the tools and themes we use no longer work the way they intended to due to the BIG change of the underlying code..

It's by no means the fault of KDE or the team behind it... Now it's a waiting game, while Theme & Package Devs upgrade their packages to follow the new system.. 

One of the tools we use in XeroLinux that is part of every rice, Latte-Dock, for example is beyond broken and requires a rewrite to support the new codebase.. The developer is currently aware of the situation and is working hard to fix it. Here's a snippet of what he posted on his SubReddit...

Quote:As it appears from bug reports Plasma 5.25 was a disaster for Latte v0.10.x stable branch... Too many issues. My proposal is to not use Latte v0.10 any more if you have upgraded to Plasma 5.25. Start using Latte git version that in the future will be v0.11.x .

If you are using Plasma 5.25 you should switch to Latte git version As.Soon.As.Possible.

P.S Latte v0.11 is officially scheduled for this August

I have done as he said and added the Git version of Latte-Dock to the repos. Run below command to replace "Stable" with "Dev.Git" version.. I will keep it up to date until "Stable" gets updated in August..
remove latte-dock --noconfirm && install latte-dock-git --noconfirm

This is one thing, as for the rest... We wait.. No word yet from theme devs, but as soon as I hear something, I will push updates immediately. Until then all I ask is if you notice any bugs, do not report to me but on theme/package Github/Gitlab.. I am no dev so can't do anything on my end...

We are aware of most of the bugs thanks to your reports, but in order for them to be addressed as quickly as possible, we would like you to head on over to their bug reporter at KDE Bug Reporter and post them there, that's the only way to get the devs to see them and work on them for next point release.. Either that or use the crash reporter in case of a crash to send them..

!!! Point Release Update is out !!!

As of today the 21st of June 2022, the Plasma team has heard our cries, and have released the very first point release of 5.25 putting us at 5.25.1... They have addressed a ton of issues.. 

[Image: 8jXyUy8.jpg]

Click on the link below to see a list of all the fixes.. There might be some that have been missed, but rest assured that they are hard at work.. For them to be taken care of as quickly as possible, as mentioned above, make sure to create a bug report on their site, just follow video instructions on how to do so...

~ XeroLinux Developer ~
I do try to help where I can, when I can.
I do this on my own, so I might not have all the answers.
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