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Plasma 6 Bug Reporting
Regarding Plasma 6 :

[Image: FfOgOeJ.jpeg]

As we transition to Plasma 6, some widgets might face issues due to maintenance or adaptation needs. Additionally, as the new version of the desktop environment matures, sporadic instability issues might arise. Our team is actively seeking alternatives and solutions.

If you encounter affected widgets, remove them via edit mode and explore alternatives. Meanwhile, additional Rices will temporarily be unavailable as we prioritize finding updates. For any KDE-related issues, please watch attached video and report them upstream to the KDE Bugtracker (linked below). The XeroLinux community is here to offer support.

Your understanding during this adjustment period is greatly appreciated. We're committed to ensuring a smoother experience with Plasma 6. Thank you for your patience and for being an essential part of our community!

Thank you ♥️
~ XeroLinux Toolkit Maintainer ~
I do try to help where I can, when I can.
I do this on my own, so I might not have all the answers.
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