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LibreGaming : Best Tool to Install Game Launchers
Hey Gamers,

Even though I do not game on Linux myself, and keep Windows around for that, it don't mean that I am not thinking about all you gamers out there that have no issue gaming on Linux. That's why I am writing this post.

Installing game clients can be a daunting task for some, not others, but I thought that including them in the installer as I have been doing for a while wasn't doing it right causing some unwanted issues. For that reason I decided to kill gaming packages section, and guiding you to do it manually the right way. That's where LibreGaming tool comes into play.

It's an amazing tool to say the least. And developer is Middle-Eastern kinda like I am.. He did an amazing job at making it super easy to get up and running.

I am going to show you how to set it all up in just a few steps basing it all on his guide. Simplifying it a bit for you new to Linux users... So hang tight and follow the instructions correctly and you should not have any issues.

### Disclaimer ###

Quote:I am providing guide as is from source. I am not the developer, so I will not be held responsible if you did things wrong and messed up your OS nort will I be providing any support of my own. I will link to project's GitHub at the end of post for you to ask for help !

With that out of the way, let us begin. I will be basing this under the assumption you are either on XeroLinux or an Arch based distro, so instructions will be those of Arch... If you are on Debian or other distro dev's GitHub linked below will have the instructions for you.

-> Part 1 : Install LibreGaming

In order to install LibreGaming tool, first we need to grab the dependencies. Below is what you will need. Copy paste below commands in terminal to install. You will need AUR & Flatpak enabled for everything to work. That's already done for ya in XeroLinux

Install Dependencies :
sudo pacman -S --noconfirm --needed git python python-pip

Install LibreGaming :
pip3 install LibreGaming

Update LibreGaming :
pip3 install LibreGaming -U

In case you get the LibreGaming: command not found error, this can be solved by setting up the PATH in your shell you can do this by entering these lines in your shell file(.bashrc or .zshrc) and by default your shell file is hidden. to show hidden files enter ls -al in the terminal.

### PATH

if [ -d "$HOME/.local/bin" ] ;
  then PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH"

-> Part 1b : The Packages

These Packages are installed using LibreGaming -b command.

- Steam.
- Wine-Staging.
- Gamemode.

-> Part 1c : The Optional Packages

These Packages + the ones above can be installed using LibreGaming -g command.

- Lutris.
- Heroic(Needs AUR enabled on Arch Linux)
- mangohud and goverlay (Needs AUR enabled on Arch Linux).

-> Part 1d : The Other Packages

These Packages have their own install option and they are not included in the above packages. They need to be installed seperatly.

- ProtonGE (You Must run Steam at least once before installing it.
- Athenaeum Launcher for FOSS games.
- a Launcher for indie games.
- Steam Tinker Launch (Only for Arch Linux).

-> Part 2 : LibreGaming Usage


Quote:You can also run this script using libregaming command if you don't like LibreGaming. Both can be used, so choose what you prefer.

Below is the list of commands and what they do :

- To install **all** the Gaming packages :
LibreGaming -g

- To install Basic Packages (Wine, Steam, Gamemode) :
LibreGaming -b

- To install ProtonGE :
LibreGaming -p

- To install Athenaeum Launcher :
LibreGaming -ath

- To install Lutris Launcher :
LibreGaming --lutris

- To install Heroic Launcher :
LibreGaming --heroic

- To install MangoHud & Goverlay :
LibreGaming -o

- To install Launcher :
LibreGaming --itch

- To install Steam Tinker Launch(For Arch Linux only) :
LibreGaming --stl

You can mix options to install packages. For example, To install gaming packages, ProtonGE, and Athenaeum Launcher enter this command : LibreGaming -g -p -ath

-> Part 3 : The T.U.I

[Image: iXkJgqb.png]

You can use a Terminal Based User Interface(TUI) to help you install what you want in a graphical way. Enter this command to use the TUI : LibreGaming --tui

[Image: FlluzOm.png]

You can have more control over what gets installed on your system by using Wizard mode in the TUI.

-> Part 4 : Protonup Commands

Below is the list of commands and what they do :

- To list all the available releases of ProtonGE :
LibreGaming --release

- To list all the installed verions of ProtonGE :
LibreGaming -l

- To install a specific release of ProtonGE :
LibreGaming -t 6.13-GE-1

- To delete a specific release of ProtonGE :
LibreGaming -r 6.13-GE-1

-> Final words and GitHub link

That's all folks. I hope this guide proves to be helpful for all your gaming needs. I do love it when devs think outside the box. This tool seems to do wonders from what I heard. Sorry I don't use it nor will I ever, as mentioned earlier I do not game on Linux. this tool was developed by Ahmed-Al-Balochi

~ XeroLinux Maintainer ~
I do try to help where I can, when I can.
I do this on my own, so I might not have all the answers.
[Image: K7U76Mv.png]

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