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Fan Speed Control on Linux With nbfc-linux
Hey y'all

I just added a new package on our repos called "nbfc" for controlling your laptop fans. Seems to be very useful from what I have seen online. Keep in mind that I cannot test it as I do not own any laptops, so it's up to you to do so and let us know via comments below..

[Image: bFBieB0.png]

On Arch Linux (or XeroLinux) there are some tools that can help with that. (For more information, refer to the Arch Linux wiki.)

#### Do Not Install If you Have No Issues With Fans ####
###### Only Intended For Those Having Trouble With that ! ######

One of options for fan speed control is nbfc-linux, a cross-platform service for notebooks.

This post shows my step-by-step process.

- Install nbfc

Use the Arch Linux User repository to install nbfc-linux if you are not on XeroLinux or if you are, use our repo.

yay -S nbfc-linux
install nbfc-linux

- Enable and Configure nbfc-linux

Start the tool with systemd :
sudo systemctl enable nbfc --now

Find the recommended configuration :
nbfc config -r

For the Acer Nitro 5 for example, there is no exact match. Use this one, as it’s similar to the Nitro 5:
nbfc config --apply "Acer Predator G3-572"

- Recap

This article detailed how to install and configure fan speed control for Linux for an Acer Nitro 5 notebook.

You can simply follow the Arch Linux Wiki. The wiki entry details common pitfalls and alternatives to nbfc.
~ XeroLinux Toolkit Maintainer ~
I do try to help where I can, when I can.
I do this on my own, so I might not have all the answers.
[Image: K7U76Mv.png]

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