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Amethyst yet another AUR helper with attitude
Hey y'all

A user on my Discord Server brought up Amethyst yet another AUR helper like Yay or Paru. Only this one has a personality that you can turn on or off.. That being uWu .. Yep it's sus but hey can be fun for the first few days then quickly gets old IMO...

[Image: T4CjF8Z.png]

Anyway, with that being said, I have fulfilled a request to add the package to the XeroLinux Repos. So if you are running my Distro, all you have to do is install it either from the Xero Welcome app under Package Managers or Terminal via install ame command.. Or if you are not on XeroLinux, install from AUR via yay -S ame or paru -S ame ...

Below is a complete list of commands you can use to do stuff..

[Image: A5uuc0R.png]

Finally, if you want to configure it, or customize it making it behave like you want, or if you feeling sus and want to enable the uWu mode, here's how you do it. First off, you will need to create the ame folder inside ~/.config/ to do so just use this command in terminal,
cd ~/.config/ && mkdir ame

After that you will need to create the actual config file. Since Amethyst is written in Rust, it's gonna be a TOML file so do this in terminal,
cd ~/.config/ame/ && touch config.toml

Now paste open the file with Kate/Vim/Nano or whatever editor you want and paste the following in it and save, then test it out.
pacdiff_warn = false
paccache_keep = 3
paccache_keep_ins_pkgs = true

sudo = 'sudo'

uwu = false

Keep in mind that's my own config. Customize it the way you want. I will link you to the official wiki here => Amethyst Wiki. For support or complaints don't come to me please. I am just letting you know about this is all.. I do not use it nor am I planning to, I use pacman/YaY myself..

Besides that have fun and enjoy yet another AUR helper...
~ XeroLinux Maintainer ~
I do try to help where I can, when I can.
I do this on my own, so I might not have all the answers.
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