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XeroLinux XFCE Spin

[Image: 98GxGF3.png]

⚠️  Important Note  ⚠️

Quote:I have spent a long time optimizing it, making it look good, and work great for you guys. There will be no public ISO. However, it will be available on the below services.

⚠️  Build it for FREE ⚠️

Quote:If for whatever reason you can't support me financially, it's fine, not everyone can, especially in light of the current state the world is in. So in order to get it for free, you will either have to, build it yourselves. Don't worry though, it's super simple.. Wink

## Release Info ##

-> System Requirements :

- Minimum  :

Quote:> CPU : Core i5 or AMD Equivalent CPU
> Memory : 3gb RAM
> Graphics : Intel XE Graphics,
> Storage : 16gb HDD.

- Recommended :

Quote:> CPU : Core i7 or AMD Equivalent CPU,
> Memory : 8gb RAM
> Graphics : AMD/900+ series nVidia GPU,
> Storage : 128+gb SSD/nVme.

-> How to Burn ISO to USB

The recommended method to create USB is to use MintStick. For better results. Do not use Rufus it's for Windows.

[Image: XNl0TOu.png]

-> AUR Helper :

Quote:XeroLinux uses Yay as the AUR helper... If you prefer Paru then install it from our repos via this command install paru-bin and use it, but no Aliases exist for it..

-> Before installing :

Please, I humbly request you do your own research as far as hardware support goes. I cannot help nor fix issues with hardware I do not own. I barely can keep my own in a stable state LoL !!!!

### Latest Versions ###

  • Calamares 3.3.0 Alpha5
  • Linux kernel 6.5.9.arch2-1
  • XFCE 4.18.4
  • XFWM 4.18.4

[Image: raPQ8bJ.jpeg]

-> Nicely themed XFCE :

With this being a so called "Legacy" DE as I call it, using mostly GTK2 with a few GTK3/4 apps spread throughout, I have opted not to use a specific theme. You might have heard me mention Kanagawa theme on some videos, I decided to remove it as it's super old and inconsistent. So as a result I used Adwaita Dark coz it just works. Also added a sort of global menu coz I can't function without one lol...

As for panel, I stuck to the tried & true XFCE Panel no 3rd party one like PolyBar or anything else keeping it simple. FOr the rest, like the Dock is Plank. That's it, besides custom wallpaper, and Grub theme it's all XFCE no more tweaks were applied to keep it as light as possible since this was created for all of you out there with potato laptops..

Note :
Quote:In case you do not see the wallpaper from screenshot applied, rather the default XFCE one, once OS is installed you will have to change it manually yourselves, I still can't figure out how others do it, and why XFCE is so damn stubborn. Sorry for inconvenience, once I figure it out, if I ever do, will fix it.

### More info ###

-> Included Extensions & Extra Apps :

With XFCE being so temperamental, we have decided not to include many tweaks out the box. We just included the necessary to get it to look the way it does. Our philosophy is keep it bloat free, look good, and as stable as possible.. You are still free to add whatever you want/need to shape it in such a way to better fit your needs..
- Tweaks :

[Image: cTtHXqT.png]

Intel Arc/iGPU Drivers

I have decided, after a lot of digging and research to remove them from the tool. If you are on either of those, I would highly recommend you stick to the mesa drivers. In case you need them or you are having any issues, well you can still install them via sudo pacman -S xf86-video-intel && reboot. Or Steam will do that for you if you have that. Either way, they are buggy as heck as it stands. Up to you to troubleshoot, as I do not have any machine that includes such GPUs, all mine have nVidia...

[Image: LaFNBFp.png]

nVidia GPUs

XeroLinux only supports nVidia GPUs from 900 series & up via the latest Vanilla. So if you have an older GPU that requires drivers like 470xx or 390xx, you will have to get it yourself, just follow This Thread, once you got what you need, you will have to install and boot into the LTS-Kernel as you won't be able to boot to the desktop with latest Mainline one. So please, make sure to install the LTS-Kernel immediately after building & installing any legacy nVidia drivers, and boot into it... You have been warned, I will not be held liable if you don't head my warning..

Also in case you installed the wrong drivers and want to roll back, now you can, just update your system to get latest version of our tool, launch it and once you run the nVidia drivers install script select option (5) to remove them and install the right ones.

⚠️  Important Note About Hybrid Graphics ⚠️

I cannot provide you with the required information on how to make them work, simply due to the fact that I lack the hardware to test on, by extension the knowledge. If you still want to go ahead, you will be doing this AT YOUR OWN RISK. You will have to do the research, just look at it as an opportunity to learn more about how Linux works...

-> Topgrade updater is now included :

We include Topgrade one of the best if not THE best all-in-one package updating tools around as an option when running the upall command to update your system. In case you dislike that, simple, just use the update alias which will just use YaY the AUR helper to update only AUR/System packages, nothing else.

That's it.. We opted not to include too much or tweak too much keeping this release a stable one. With XFCE 4.18 We were limited a bit due to them beginning the inclusion of Wayland & xWayland elements so we decided to stick with mostly default XFCE tools.

We hope you enjoy the new release Wink

 ..::: Credits :::..

I should give credit where credit’s due, so I would like to thank all the peeps that took time out of their day to help out making XeroXFCE what it is and will be… Thanks to everyone for giving all the info and the drive I needed to pull through this release, and the work some of them have agreed to put in asking for nothing in exchange…

Love you guys… And love F.O.S.S…  Heart


~ XeroLinux Developer ~
I do try to help where I can, when I can.
I do this on my own, so I might not have all the answers.
[Image: K7U76Mv.png]
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