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BetterDiscord: Improve Discord in XeroLinux
[Image: logo_solid.png]

BetterDiscord is a simple extension of the Discord app that allows user to customize all of Discord to their liking. On the surface, BetterDiscord can simply be used to create (or download, via their website) custom themes; including backgrounds, chat bubble design, UI placement, PLUGINS, and customizable text.

The BetterDiscord community has accumulated an interesting library of plugins for everything from a built-in text translator to a silent typing tool—you can even write your own plugins using JavaScript.

Quote:Important Note: BetterDiscord and Discord Terms of Service

Before going through the installation process, we should note that BetterDiscord violates Discord's Terms of Service. This doesn't mean that using BetterDiscord will get you removed from Discord entirely, it is simply a safety precaution on Discord's part.

You'll be downloading and implementing themes and plugins created by community members, if you decide not to write the code yourself. This is technically a security risk, as users can implement potentially harmful code.

Using BetterDiscord and community-made assets should be done at your own discretion, with the understanding that—like most places on the internet where you download open-source assets—you have to be careful about what you download.

So, you may ask, why do I need to install Betterdiscord, if I have all the basic tools I need in the original app?

Personally I needed a tool that translates from English to my language, because I still struggle a bit to fully understand the English language.

And that's why I needed this tool. But you could find a thousand other reasons to install it, because it really offers a surplus of options compared to the standard version of Discord.

Enough talk, let's see how to do it

- Digit in a terminal:

yay betterdiscordctl
betterdiscordctl install

betterdiscord is only in Aur, but if tou have time you can compile with curl. This a Video that explain:

This is the page with all plugin that you want.

[Image: logo_large.svg]

Download the plugin that interests you, and put the file in Home/.config/Betterdiscord/plugin Open Discord (after you install Betterdiscord, closed and reopen program) Go to setup and on the left you will see that a new menu will have appeared with new betterdiscord entries.

[Image: gj6od7z.png]

go to plugin and activate what interests you.

Obviously until now I have only told you about plugins, but the customization options are many and you can also modify the discord graphics if you want.

Enjoy Smile

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