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Common ArchLinux Issues
Common ArchLinux Issues
Hello again Linux Users,

In this post I will be telling you more about various common issues you might encounter with basically any Arch-based Linux Distro, As to how you can fix them, it depends on your Hardware config. Page will continue to grow as I encounter them... Without further a do here they are…
[Image: tw2T591.png]
Nvidia GPUs
Now it’s a known fact that Nvidia don’t play well with Linux, so if you have an old Laptop/Desktop with an older GPU, you might get stuck with No Desktop, which means you didn’t do enough research on the subject and selected wrong Drivers. Watch below video to get an idea of what I mean, then keep reading for more info.

Nvidia/Intel Hybrid
In case you own a Laptop with Intel/nVidia Hybrid setup, the only currently working Combo is the following, in Calamares select, LightDM Login + nVidia GPU + Optimus-Manager. That’s what I have seen so far, could not be the same for you. If that doesn’t work for you, then I added few video Playlists.

Nvidia "Legacy" Drivers
Recently nVidia has legacied more GPUS, this time the "Kepler" series of cards. Which requires separate drivers as a result. I have included all required Drivers in Calamares going from the most recent ones to the 340xx legacy ones. Select ones for your GPU... (Coming in May 25th release)

.:: Click on icon to the right for full video list ::.

Watch above YouTube Playlist, created by Erik Dubois, the Godfather of XeroLinux. Everything he mentions there is applicable on this Distro as it was born from ArcoLinux. I sure hope you find the solution to your nVidia woes ?
Some useful links  
[Image: U24NP1Z.gif]
Some users with full-on AMD systems have reported issues booting XeroLinux USB, that's due to the fact that they are using a CPU/Mobo with iOMMU enabled. A fix for that is to either boot with iommu=soft flag or to totally disable that feature from within the Bios.
[Image: 6qA4XiM.png]
Black Screen Of Death
Well, that is another common issue people run into post install. It can be directly related to the above nVidia issue, or it could be caused by other incompatibility. As usual Erik has created another video Playlist dedicated to that. Check it below.

.:: Click on icon to the right for full video list ::.
[Image: epQdCDJ.jpeg]
Marvell WiFi
Now it’s been made known to me that some users with laptops that use the Marvell WiFI Chip like, the M$ Surface Laptop 2, have the tendency to drop the connection and go into power saving mode mid install causing it to fail miserably.

A solution to this is to simply disable that so called "Feature" off by running the following command in Terminal prior to launching the installer -> iw dev mlan0 set power_save off (replace "mlan0" with your adapter name).

GPG Keys

Now it’s been made known to me that some users having an issue with GPG Keys. That's a very common issue with Arch based distros. Nothing can be done one our part besides find a workaround. Below is video by Erik which applies to XeroLinux.

Solution, just type keyfix in Terminal as shown in video which will re-generate the keys and you should be good to go. It's annoying I know, but until they fix it once and for all that the only Fix we can do...

Command for ArchLinux-Keyring :
sudo pacman -S --noconfirm archlinux-keyring

No Sound/Wireplumber Issue

Sometimes, issues occur when previously they were working, like in this case sound incompletely dying. There is a solution to that. If you are one of the few affected by this weird issue, watch video below, and run command under the video to get sound back..

Command :
systemctl --user mask wireplumber --now

Hope that helps

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