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Bauh Package Manager
Hello all,

Since XeroLinux will no longer be providing a GUI Package Manager on its ISOs leaving the choice up to you to select the one that best suites your needs or none at all, I thought I would share one that I really like called Bauh... You can either install it via our tool or the command below :

sudo pacman -S bauh

[Image: WuR0yOd.png]

bauh (ba-oo), formerly known as fpakman, is a graphical interface for managing your Linux software (packages/applications). It currently supports the following formats: AppImage, Debian and Arch Linux packages (including AUR), Flatpak, Snap and Web applications.

Key features
  • A management panel where you can: search, install, uninstall, upgrade, downgrade and launch your applications
  • Tray mode: it launches attached to the system tray and publishes notifications when there are software updates available
  • System backup: it integrates with Timeshift to provide a simple and safe backup process before applying changes to your system
  • Custom themes: it's possible to customize the tool's style/appearance. More at Custom themes

[Image: C1Iv2Du.png]

It supports many formats, like AppImages, Arch, Flatpaks, WebApps and more. Love that. It's truly an All-in-one package manager.

[Image: 7f2wpNU.png]

It even has its own tray icon that isn't a separate package I have to build like Pamac. And you can customize it to your liking..

Just make sure you add it to your autostart so it shows up on reboot via the command below. Dunno why it's not automatically done but meh..
cp /usr/share/applications/bauh_tray.desktop ~/.config/autostart/

Once that's done have fun customizing the app to your liking Wink

I recommend you disable AppImage support for now as it's super janky. Anyway if you should encounter any issues, since I am not the creator, just letting you know about it, please report them upstream to the Dev himself, on his Github
~ XeroLinux Toolkit Maintainer ~
I do try to help where I can, when I can.
I do this on my own, so I might not have all the answers.
[Image: K7U76Mv.png]
thank you kind sir.

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