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Convert KDE Plasma into a tilling window manager
Hey peeps...

I have recently stumbled upon a KDE Plasma extension that lets you tile your windows automatically and manage them via keyboard, just like tiling window managers(or just TWM in short).

What is a Window Manager?

A window manager (WM) is system software that controls the placement and appearance of windows within a windowing system in a graphical user interface (GUI). It can be part of a desktop environment (DE) like for KDE Plasma we have KWin, for Gnome we have Mutter or can be used standalone.

Now if you have never used or heard about TWM, then you must be wondering what a TWM is?

Well TWM simply means that it can tile the windows so that the windows are not overlapping, and there is extensive use of key-binding and less or no usage of mouse.
Now I don't want to go into much explanation, you can refer ArchWiki for that.

Okay, so when we open any application or program in Plasma the first thing we do is to move it around to a place where we are comfortable and then do our work. But don't you think it is so tiring to manually arrange the windows, and it also takes time, which makes you less productive. 

So here, what if this work gets done automatically, like as soon as you open a windows it gets tilled of it's own and saves your time. In this case we need Tiling Window Managers(TWM).

Now you all must be thinking it's time to switch to a TWM but wait also take a look at the disadvantages before switching.

Tiling Window Managers can definitely tile windows automatically and take up less ram and cpu but require too much work and time to customize and create a satisfactory setup.

I know for beginners getting started with TWM is not easy. So now you are at a point where you are using a KDE Plasma and want to switch to TWM but the disadvantages of TWM is stopping you from doing so.

Well this is why I have created this post, we will be looking at Bismuth.

No it not that chemical element, it's the extension that will solve our problem.

[Image: demo.gif]

This is a demo of how it works.

How can I install this package?

If you are using XeroLinux then no need to grab it from the AUR because it is added to the xero repo's so just do
sudo pacman -S kwin-bismuth
But if you are not using Xero then it's also available in the AUR, install the kwin-bismuth package with your favourite AUR helper(paru, yay etc) 


[Image: Screenshot-20211216-214458.png]

[Image: Screenshot-20211216-222234.png]

[Image: Screenshot-20211216-222246.png]

[Image: Screenshot-20211216-222309.png]

As you can see in the screenshots above when you install this package it creates Window tilling section under Window Management tab of your KDE Plasma System settings and for Shortcuts go to Shortcuts>KWin and you can find the shortcuts.

Grab it now!

I hope you like this post
Have fun.  Smile
Help change the world

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