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The Perfect Distro Besides XeroLinux
Hey there...

Today, I feel like discussing my favourite Distro that isn't XeroLinux... Like everyone else I distro hopped for a while before I settled on the one I liked the most, the one that ticked most my boxes. Now since it didn't tick all my boxes I had to learn how to build one that did, and that's when XeroLinux was born.

But, I have 4 PCs in my office, two run my creation, the storage System and store PC. The other 2 are running may fave other Distro. Now before I mention which one it is, I will have to say this, I know I will get some hate for it, I do not care, as long as it works like a champ on my Hardware it's good.

Some people tend to give a distro bad rep coz of issues with their specific Hardware Configs, or don't agree with decisions said distro takes. So far none of that affected me, so am judging it from my own experience with it. If you do not agree you are entitled to your own opinion from your experience.

Others judge the way it does things.. Like the fact that the Manjaro organization is as corrupt as heck. Misappropriation of Foundation funds at the top and ensuing resignations of key people.  Also, they break their stuff on occasion and go into total denial mode about it. So they refuse to support this kind of behavior.

To me, as long as it works I just use it.. I do not and will not support it financially, as I, too disagree with how they go about stuff. But, in the end I use what works best for me.. EOD...

That being said, my favorite other Distro is none other than... Drum roll... Manjaro Linux KDE spin....

[Image: 7rb5yEL.jpeg]

- Release Scheme

That distro, is by no means a Rolling Release one as we know it, while still being on the bleeding edge like all Arch based distros, it's kinda slower then others in releasing packages which makes it a Semi-Rolling Release..

Now, it is very important to note, simply because, by not being fully Rolling, this is its strength, at the same time could be its weakness, it depends on your usage case. In mine, it has worked flawlessly for over a year... No issues to note so far, knock on wood...

- The Pros IMO

First let me talk about the Pros of it being a Semi-Rolling Release. I consider it a Pro simply because, instead of releasing OS related packages as soon as they are updated, they vet them, to make sure they work without any issues on the distro as they have it configured. That minimizes any potential cracks later on down the line. I love that, I think it's a great way of doing things.

- The Cons IMO

Now the cons. By being a Semi-Rolling Release, this means it's not in line with other package distributors, like the AUR... If you have any packages from there, this might cause issues since Manjaro repos are not in sync with AUR. That's where the cracks of that decision start showing. Compatibility, package versions etc..

That's by no means the Distro's fault. They give us, the users, the power to decide what to use. I, myself do not use any packages from anywhere else but the official Manjaro repos. That way, I keep everything running as it should be.

Now, I know sometimes there are few packages not available on the Official Repos, so we have no choice but to get them from somewhere else, which could make cracks show. So far in my case I found all I need.

- Final Words

As I said before, am judging it from my own personal experience. And to me it's been the best. I love the fact that it also has ARM images as well, which am running on my Raspberry Pi 4...

To end this post, Manjaro just works for me.. I love it. Your experience might be different, and that's ok. The best part of Linux is that there's so many Distros out there, you will find one that best suits your needs.. Manjaro KDE fit mine perfectly...
~ XeroLinux Maintainer ~
I do try to help where I can, when I can.
I do this on my own, so I might not have all the answers.
[Image: K7U76Mv.png]
Ha! Nice post. 
"It just works" has been my litmus test. I've tried well over 20 distros in the last few months.  The only two that just worked out of the box has been XeroLinux and Pop OS.  Manjaro worked as well, but it was unusable as a Steam game machine.  Only Xero and Pop ran at or higher fps than on Windows.

running KDE neon on my laptop.
KDE is the only desktop for me, and KDE neon gives me latest KDE with stability of ubuntu lts.
Desktop computer currently not used as I am in Ireland doing some contract work.

Found out about distro from Lubnan just now, wow, awesome!!

Gonna test it in virtualbox and see next steps.

Death to israel,
My 3 default distros are Xero, Garuda, then Manjaro. Manjaro's only drawback is a flat looking theme and colors. Keep the green but add some gloss to it.
my goto for my surface laptop is Fedora

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