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[Videos] New BTRFS & Snapper Tools Explained
Hey Linuxers...

On this thread I would like to include a few explainer videos created by my Linux mentor Erik, the genius teacher behind ALCI the base I used to build XeroLinux...

Reason for that is quite simple, I liked the implementation of BTRFS & Snapper with Garuda's BTRFS-Assistant tool, I decided to go ahead and include on Xero.. So everything mentioned in those videos goes... With slight alterations which I will explain below...

Quote:Note : This will require a fresh install of XeroLinux coming this March. Will not work on current installs, and it cannot be done via my 'upgrade tool'. So if you plan on using Snapper, get ready to do a fresh install. Reason being, that I had to change a few things to the BTRFS subvolume structure.

=> Introduction via ArcoLinux

In this video Erik introduces the features coming soon in a later version of ArcoLinux. Since am not so good at making videos am using his for reference... Expect similar stuff in March's KDE ISO...

=> Snapper Backup Size

In this video we see how to check Snapper's disk usage via a handy tool which will also be included on Xero, called btrfs-du. I like it.. Very convenient for those of us with limited storage..

=> Snapper usage

In this video we see how Snapper is being used via the BTRFS-Assistant tool.

Here he is using it on XFCE and its settings app. Since in Xero it's KDE, we can't add an entry for it in the Settings app, so you will find it in the AppMenu, under system...

=> Initializing Snapper configs

In this video, we see that Aliases were used to create the required Snapper configs to be able to use snapshots. But to be honest, I found that a bit odd, and not very user friendly. But each Distro maintainer his methods..

So, that's why in Xero, I will be adding a button in the System Config tool that will do just that with a click of a button. Just note that, if you are planning on using Snapper, better do this on first boot after install. Don't do it later, otherwise it won't start taking snapshots...

=> Snapper, Home Backup

Finally here it's shown how to create a backup of home directory and then restore it. Again, that follows the part above, ignore the alias part as this will be done via my tool soon...

=> BTRFS Subvolume Creation via Installer

Since Calamares (installer used) cannot automatically create BTRFS Subvolumes, it can be done via its config file. Watch the video and see how you can do it. Maybe feature will come in the future, who knows...

That's it for now. Will add more videos as I find them, or Erik makes them lol..
~ XeroLinux Toolkit Maintainer ~
I do try to help where I can, when I can.
I do this on my own, so I might not have all the answers.
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